TRANSPORTATION BOULEVARD: Songs About Getting From There to Here 
Release Date: 01/07/2020

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Transportation Boulevard: Songs about Getting From There to Here

Craig Rich

Make a friend out of your fear. Choose your heart sometimes, instead of your head. Sometimes you end up in a better place than you were planning. These are songs about accidentally falling in love with a scenario, a location, a lover, and anything else you might find along the way.

11 tracks that see Craig in a more grounded style; basing the songs on acoustic guitar, heartier vocals, catchy bass rhythms (with featured Cleveland, OH musicians), and even a little bit of hand percussion. Don't fret, however, as Craig still keeps his eyes on outer space in this one; as he built several soundscapish textures around each main idea.
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Propelled by his fascination for exploration and natural wonders, indie-rock songwriter Craig Rich knows that happiness is a moving target; a treasure that can only be found by stepping outside of comfort.  With a fondness for head-trip inducing yet catchy music, Rich’s songs may be likened to the spacey days of Pink Floyd and the strange side of U2; while hinting at the brit-pop of bands like Oasis.  His dreamily layered guitars and hooky melodies are laced with a dark energy that acknowledges our scars are a result of what Craig refers to as a “gravitational push”; the unseen force that causes us to take a sudden turn while we’re busy making other plans.