TRANSPORTATION BOULEVARD: Songs About Getting From There to Here 
Release Date: 01/07/2020

Tracklist to be revealed soon!


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Propelled by his fascination for exploration and natural wonders, indie-rock songwriter Craig Rich knows that happiness is a moving target; a treasure that can only be found by stepping outside of comfort.  With a fondness for head-trip inducing yet catchy music, Rich’s songs may be likened to the spacey days of Pink Floyd and the strange side of U2; while hinting at the brit-pop of bands like Oasis.  His dreamily layered guitars and hooky melodies are laced with a dark energy that acknowledges our scars are a result of what Craig refers to as a “gravitational push”; the unseen force that causes us to take a sudden turn while we’re busy making other plans.


After the Aftermath

Craig Rich

It started as a sonic experiment. Five years and a few life-altering events later, it became a collection of haunting musical journeys through which fragments of memories are kept inside musical photographs. Featuring nine tracks that weave through sentimental ballads and downbeat electronic rhythms as well as some anguished, noisy rockers.
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Craig Rich @ CODA

CODA, Cleveland, OH

Craig Rich will be celebrating the release of his second full-length album at Cleveland/Tremont's CODA venue.